Dairy Creek Women’s Golf Club

Dairy Creek Women’s Golf Club (founded in 1997) is a great group to join for friendships, fun and golf. As a club, our purpose is to enjoy good comradeship and golf. We

Our club participates in WPLGA sponsored tournaments and provides handicaps through the SCGA. Our regular play day is Monday morning. Sign-up may be made one week in advance on our web site.

We hope you will consider joining us by using the application on this web-site.

Dairy Creek Women's Golf Club

Dairy Creek Men’s Golf Club

The Dairy Creek Men’s Club is currently being managed by the County of San Luis Obispo. Our goal is to host fun, competitive events for the enjoyment of our members. Your participation and feedback is critical to the success of the club, so please share all comments or suggestions which you may have for the betterment of our club, the course, or the facilities in general

When you join, you become part of a community of over 150,000 golfers in Northern California. In addition to our USGA Handicap service, you also get exclusive golf and travel discounts and access to a variety of golf events. Join Today!